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2D Animation Services Bangalore

2D Animation Services Bangalore


Telco communications are a prominent company offering 2D animation services in Bangalore, India, and Cheltenham, United Kingdom. We have delivered numerous videos to our clients for various business objectives. We are a team of experts who have highly skilled animators who are capable of understanding the latest technologies and improvements to ensure to meet the industry standards. Our animation playroom has the latest techniques, tools, technologies, and systems to ensure the best output is provided to our clients.

We provide a wide range of services starting from scripting to storyboarding to animation, voice-over, music, and editing. We provide the maximum frames per second to make the video look highly realistic and live. The integral part of a 2D animated video is the number of frames. Why? This makes the video more attractive with no glitches and is smoothly viewed by the end user with a proper flow. We provide more than 25 frames per second in our 2D animations.

2D animation created by us can help you reach your communication goals

With a 2D animated video in your toolbox, you can strike a wider range of emotions among your customers. 2D Animated video is rich in visuals where a series of illustrated images are animated in frames.

Reasons to work with us
  • More than 5,00,000 frames delivered
  • Customized services based on the business objective and communication
  • Highly skilled team
  • Creative thinkers, developers, and editors
  • Best script writing abilities which are the key to a successful video

We give context to your ideas and concepts since we create the videos for a specific set of audience. The 2D animated videos developed by us communicate the most complex ideas also in the simplest manner. Our whole motto is to provide impressive and interesting 2D animation videos that meet our client's requirements and needs.

We help you bring your ideas to life. You can run your imaginations wild and be free to do what you like
  • Helps in triggering the emotions of the customers
  • An abstract idea can be represented in the most meaningful manner
  • They are psychologically appealing
  • They help you scale your business


At Telco, we have a team of talented, experienced and professional animators and artists who have experience in delivering animation services and working for various organizations under different industries.

2D animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.

Upgrading your content to visual aid adds power to your business. Our count hasn't stopped in serving our clients; we have delivered our 2D animation services to different industries like education, software, communication, consultancy, real estate, online gaming app, and healthcare.

Our approach

We create visuals that are quick to pick and clutch your audience's attention and we have accomplished creative ways to portray your products and services via 2D animated videos.

  1. Your idea and concept are important for us: information download, brainstorming, and kick-off
  2. We are great planners: scripting and strategizing
  3. Let's give you a glimpse of the flow of the video: storyboard
  4. Maximum frames, best output: animation and development
  5. Adding a little additional essence to the video: music, voiceover, special effects, and texts
  6. Its ready to go live to your audience- final delivery

It is said that 90% of the information transmitted to the brains are visuals and movements. This number depicts clearly how impactful a 2D animated video can be to engage your customers. The videos we develop are so captivating because they are so colorful, and fun and every single object ensures it participates in making the video creative.

A 2D animation video helps you churn the best. You just think in visuals and we come into the picture write the script, sketch the storyboard, and even before you know your animated video is ready

2D animation is an output of 2D perspective drawings and illustrations that are animated in the development phase. 2D animation is one of the most effective tools for your marketing communication. 2D animation attracts a lot of customers attention and they are highly engaged with the content. With 2D animation, you can get a variety of ways to give your communication an energetic personality. It helps you deliver the message in a way that you just designed and wanted your customers to see it.

Grabbing your customers attention is tough and keeping them engaged throughout the video is even tougher. You as a brand need to be entertaining when you are delivering the message to your customers. Make sure you give your viewers something that they will never forget and if you would like to stand out from your competitors then a 2D animation would be a perfect choice.

Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.

2D animations have been used for several years now and are known to be a powerful tool that makes the users feel like a real-life experience. 2D animation mainly focuses on creating characters, moving backgrounds, props, and a colorful video as a whole. They are highly customizable for different audiences and also based on the objective of developing the video. The best part about 2D animation is that it conveys the message in the simplest form to your target audience without creating any confusion about the product.

2D animation is an exciting way to visually convey an organizations message and these videos can be used on multiple platforms. Content is king they say but the content is also all about telling your story depending on the purpose be it your product, your service, compliance changes, etc. but the highlight and main goal of the 2D animated video is it compels, persuades, and induces your clients to take an action. A 2D animated video is a rich, engaging, and highly cost-effective mechanism for your marketing.

2D animated videos are highly dynamic and versatile and elevate your story and brand to the next level. 2D animated videos provide an interactive platform that encourages your viewers to listen to you more and ask more questions. The good part about 2D animation is the freedom of art and they are highly simple in nature. They involve characters, props, and background in the video that keeps the clients highly hooked to the video as the entire frame is moving.

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