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What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization depicts the strategic and vital endeavors to boost a site's arrangement in search engines. We see today's aggressive market and SEO is more vital than in any time.

We guarantee our customers have a site, blog or online store and SEO that can help your business develop and meet the business targets.

Why is it important for any business ?

  • SEO helps increase visibility of any website which in turn helps increase the traffic on the site. Research says 39% people of the customers come from search and 70% of the links search users click on are organic.
  • It is the largest channel making up 51% of traffic.
  • SEO over a period of time helps in attracting, converting and closing of deals for your organization.
  • Brand positioning increases and gives a push to the brand.
  • It is important your firm has the maximum exposure in terms of brand. And to increase the exposure it is important that your content is strong on the digital platform.
  • SEO also helps marketing your brand based on demographic factors and helps reach the target audience.
  • The results are highly measurable where the business gets a clarity on what they are doing and improve areas of importance.
  • It helps stay ahead of competition by doing the activities your competitors are not doing.

What are the pillars of SEO ?

The pillars are segregated into 2 important categories :

  1. On - Page
  2. Off - Page

On-Page activities :

"On site factors" are everything regarding the website that is being optimized itself, the content (text, images, multimedia), the html code, the hidden content (Meta Tags, page title (not headline), use of proper HTML elements), robots.txt (also invisible to humans), site structure, which includes internal linking, site navigation, URL format, error pages, duplicate content etc.

Off-Page activities :

"Off-site factors" are usually not or only in limited form controllable by the owner of the website. The most important off site factor are the type, location and target of links from other websites to "your" website.

Process of SEO

Empowering global digitization being our slogan; we are essentially looking forward for making a progressive in the market regarding Digital Marketing. The plan of strategy that we do is digitize the globe as per the following: We at first make separate records on different Social Media Platforms.

We analyze the competitors and the ranking that is allocated on Google. We pick the correct stage and the opportune individuals to convey the message.

We likewise make an exceptionally delightful and alluring plan loaded with rich and important content and post it on different platforms.

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