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Character Animation Productions

2D Animation Services Bangalore

2D Character Animation Bangalore

We are a leading character animation service provider in Bangalore, India. We have also been awarded as the top 10 animation companies in India for the year 2018 by Silicon India magazine. We have delivered customized services as we understand that these characters are personal to the brand.

Our artists give the correct motions, feelings, depth, multifaceted nature and foundation to connect with the viewers and portray the story in a way that each component and perspective about them is elevated and the viewer should completely comprehend their identity, and have a significant feeling that they existed much sooner than the story started.

Our unique abilities to develop high-end quality character, to animate the same and to deliver exceptional satisfying output are our assurance.

  • Conceptualizing the character and ideation process
  • Developing multiple options and picking up the best one
  • Sketching and designing the character
  • Development of the character using different software
  • Developing the complete animation
  • Coloring, lighting, and music
  • Final delivery

Understanding and gathering your information is the most and critical component for us and we create impactful character animation that turns into a compelling medium of correspondence for our customers. Therefore, we are reckoned as the most trusted animation services provider in Bangalore.

Reasons to work with us
  • Unique and customized character designing and development
  • Quality of our deliverables
  • Great client satisfaction
  • State of the art technology
  • Highly skilled professionals

Animations tailored to your requirement

We design characters that are immaculate and fit the story flawlessly.We animate two-dimensional character thatrequires no explanation. Diverse characters have their distinctive levels of profundity; subsequently we conceptualize, comprehend these levels and make these characters that tell your story or show up and do things you want them to.

We have also developed three -dimensional character which are simple and unexplained. We create and design characters that are perfect and fit the story neatly. 3D characters have their different levels of depth; therefore we conceptualize, understand these levels and create these characters that tell your story. Our artists provide the right gestures, emotions, depth, complexity, and background to engage the viewers and narrate the story.

Believe in your character. It talks about your brand.

A character animation is the motion of a still character on a 2D or 3D platform. Character animation is the most engaging material for your brand, viewers and end customers recall your brand if it is associated with a character. After the script the next most important and integral element is the character, nothing defines more than characters in a final product or a video.

The look, feel, color and other elements in the character animation makes it even more engaging to your viewers. Viewers would remember the character more than anything else in the video. A character animation creates a persona about your brand. Every single character in the frame needs to grab your viewers attention.

Our approach

Everything we do has a purpose, and we can speak volumes to talk about our expertise and services. Understanding the thought processes behind why we do what we do, and when, will help you to share your suggestions and inputs during the project execution. We have served versatile industries starting from education, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, IT, software and communications.

Character animation is unique for your organization and it should reflect and speak about your brand.

  • Saves time and cost
  • A target audience is well tapped
  • It helps you in your sales pitch as it describes your product and service
  • They possess a particular trait that makes it more enjoyable and informative
  • Character animation allows freedom of expression in ways of visuals
  • Storytelling gives life to your brand

Your idea, your goals, and your objectives in a character animation form is the best to communicate with your end viewers.



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