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Concept Video Production Bangalore

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Concept Based Videos Bangalore

We understand the significance of presenting yourself as a brand in the most innovative manner and we at Telco are just here to help on the same. Irrespective of the product or service you offer we make sure we build the concept around it and achieve unsurpassed success in our deliverables.

Depending on your requirements we create a customized video with engaging visuals. Our prime emphasizes will be on making sure your brand message is communicated in the right manner. We develop the concept based videos that will make people believe in your ideas and create a difference in your business world.

We are a professional company offering an end-to-end solution to our clients over a decade in the field of videos. We are passionate about telling your story in the most effective manner possible that will help you build trust among your audience aligning to your business objectives.

Our talented team makes the difference every single time we develop and create a concept video:
  • Expert video consultants
  • Dedicated manager and team
  • Creative concepts
  • Highly engaging content

Concept videos are wholly based on one single idea. When these videos are developed they can be in different ways either with music only or a combination of elements in a video. They never disconnect from your viewers and tap the minds of your customer creating a memorable impression of your brand.

  • Convey information more effectively
  • High impact and create brand awareness
  • Over the curve from your competitors
  • Concept videos reveal the brand personality
  • Triggers the emotional quotient of your prospect

Concept video Production Services

We at Telco understand our client�s nature of business and objectives. We also empathize on how we can help you develop out of the box concept videos that will help in brand building. We have been recognized as the best concept video development company in Bangalore, India. We are a team of experts with creative thinkers who turn your serious business into the most engaging brand among your viewers.

�Brands grow faster by adding a video to their marketing strategy�

At the end of the day what makes a difference is the concept. Fine tuning our client�s ideas and transforming it into the most memorable video for your clients is what we do. We make sure we set the objectives right and define success, research about your audience and business, decide on the core messages to be communicated, develop the concept and film it and measure the success of the video.

We at Telco create compelling concept videos that draw your viewer�s moment. Our team of creative thinkers understands your business to the core and creates concept videos that match your unique vision and requirement.

  • Creative briefing: we ask quick questions that will help us build the concept of the video
  • A pool of ideas: we come up with several ideas or concept to serve the purpose
  • Narrowing down to one idea: out of the bunch of ideas that we develop we choose the one best with your consent and work on making the best out of it
  • Scripting: writing the entire flow of the concept video and bifurcating what comes in the visuals and audio section
  • Lights, camera and action: we shoot the required material as per the script and ideas
  • A winner emerges: we do the require edit to make the entire video a colorful one that is ready to present to your customers.

Our Approach in creating a spectacular Concept Videos

The videos that we create can be taken across several platforms be it online, website, social or an actual presentation. Our success mantra has been experience and professionalism for making the concept video a successful one. We have served clients from versatile industries that include hospitals, education, IT, Software, automobile, defense, and manufacturing.

Every product or service offering is close to your heart and pleasing your audience helps your business grow.

Concept-based videos are based around a solitary thought or idea and are highly engaging videos for the viewers. Videos are becoming a popular tool to influence prospects and customers and persuade a decision. Developing a concept based video might be tricky but once you are able to develop it, it would create wonders for your organization. Concept videos are highly engaging and cannot let the viewer miss the content as they trigger the emotional aspect.

Not all videos developed by organization need to present in a manner where the objective is to influence them to make a purchase. There are videos that leave a high impact on the customers for what the whole concept is. These kinds of videos not only create an impact but also gain a lot of views through various means of channels and provide a long-term engagement strategy for your business. Concept-based videos allow you an opportunity to develop something that most of your competitors wouldn�t have thought about.

Users determine both the effectiveness and efficiency of a video and it important that every business understands how to meet this objective. Every organization is unique in its own way be it the brand, the product or the service they offer, they might be several other differentiating factors but what is vital is how you put across your content to your customers to stand out from the others in the market.

Crafting your own concept and making an effective video is a great way of engaging your customers. A concept video communicates specialized competencies of a business and communicating to your viewers of how unique you are as a brand. Your videos should be passionate about business when they tell about your story. They should reach the minds and inspire your clients or target audience. A concept video drag millions of viewer�s attention and the same is shared among another million people.



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