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Corporate Video production Bangalore

Video Production Agency In Bangalore

Corporate Videos bangalore

We at Telco are one of the prominent corporate video companies in Bangalore. We serve all your corporate productions and filmmaking starting from scripting to delivery and promotions. Script, Storyboard, shoot/productions, video edits, special effects, voice over and post-delivery promotions all under one roof. Whatever maybe the customer requisites we can make a broad exposure with our corporate videos.

We highly concentrate on crafting the script as it is the main foundation for an exceptional video output. The videos that we develop create a pitch to your audience and greatly influence them to make a decision. We guide you through from the start where we suggest you exactly what would go into the video and how the flow would be, what would be the elements and text on the video.

Experienced team for corporate video services
  • Our professional and talented team
  • We are detail driven
  • Creativity and fresh ideas
  • Our concepts align with your vision
  • Our structure and our well-defined process

We understand your business requisites and goals along with the communication gaps that you would like to bridge for marketing, branding, advertisement etc. We create videos that are appealing and eye-catching. We are a renowned corporate video production company in Bangalore and have served clients in Delhi, Ahmadabad, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad and our process and approach will astound you.

Reasons to get your corporate video now
  • Increase the intent to buy or make a decision
  • Creative way of communicating your brand
  • Nobody prefers to listen for more than 2 minutes � Tell your story short and sweet
  • It�s fun marketing that showcases your business products and services
  • Google, Yahoo and bing will love you � Search engine optimization boost
  • Can be shared on different platforms be it your website, social media or any other channel

Creative Video Production Services

The knack to creating a corporate video is developing it with a concept that resonatesamong your customers. Listing important features and aspects and informative points help your customers. In short, show, don�t tell. These videos we develop are not just for business developments or intro video to the organization, sharing our videos in the right platforms can create wonders and bring a great exposure to your brand.

�If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video would be worth more�

Video-based communications isn't simply constrained to advertising pitches. Corporate video creation has turned out to be critical with regards to advertising your organization. The process basically flows in a step by step manner

  • Brainstorming, planning, understanding your business and resource requirement� Pre-Production
  • Scripting, Storyboard, voice over, actual shoot � Production
  • Editing, special effects, music, syncing and titling � Post-Production
  • High definition video quality � Delivery

A corporate video should be well planned and ensured all elements are covered during the planning like shoot location, shoot days, models, props, script, voice over, technology, resources, video duration, lighting, audio, editing, special effects, and quality. These important factors play an important role in making the video attractive and communicable. The corporate videos developed can be used for several purposes be its internal communication, business development, training and for introductory purposes

Our Approach in creating a spectacular videos

Videos have become the major part in visual communications for businesses today. It�s important you tell your story the way your customers would want to see it. Corporate videos are the most influencing and powerful medium of communications. It is a mechanism that is an opportunity that will effectively talk about your business ideas and help you with conversions. A video about your business, products, and services uplifts your business message and brand as a whole.

A business is always about people and satisfying them is the key to a successful business. We capture the right moments, shots and location for developing the video. We bring out a true spirit of your organization and showcase about your products and services and most importantly of all the achievements of your brand.

Our services include intensive research about you as an organization and collection of the rich data for the number of years the business has been present. It starts here for us to build the most engaging content for you.

We as an experienced team of professionals have served various industries that include manufacturing, IT, software, automobile and education

�Marketing is no longer about what you make, but it about what and how you communicate�

It�s digital era now and it is essential for businesses out there to have a corporate video for their corporate communications. These videos are trendy and most effective marketing communication strategy. A corporate video captures the true spirit of the message for your product or service offering and this as a medium leaves a long-lasting impact on the customer�s mind and this is the difference that you make as a brand for your clients or prospects.

How can corporate video help

A corporate video has an array of benefits but it is vital you make the choice to add this as your marketing and communication tool. It is also necessary how the story is narrated hence the script plays a major role in the flow of the video.

Did you know? A Video on a landing page of your website can increase conversions by 80% and more. The power of moving visuals captures the attention of your target audience and they are inclined to listening about your offerings and business more keenly. The current challenges that organization face is communicating their message in the shortest period of time and also ensuring the customer are engaged and hooked to your communication mechanisms, here is where the video plays a major role and gives you the support.

Videos bring a human touch in your marketing option. The main key to a corporate video is communicating your story in the shortest and compelling manner. Let�s see how a video can help your organization as an edge for your communications:

A video would be the most sensible investment for your organization that will help you empower your brand and enhance your customer experience. Also, Google and YouTube are known to be best friends and it is also known that they are owned by the same. They love websites that add corporate videos and help them score better in the search engines.



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