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Email marketing Services Bangalore

Email marketing services Bangalore

Email marketing Services

PPC with ROI is a deadly combo

We have a complete end to end solution that includes campaign management system, planning, targeting, and implementation of high-volume email marketing campaigns. With our specialization and efforts, we intend to improve your customer acquisitions and client relationships.

We help establish your brand to the prospect or existing customers with an ultimate objective of acquiring new customers and increase sales. Our team helps you with a complete solution in order to give you the highest efficiency. We are professionals where we give attention to every detail of your industry and trends and accordingly design the entire campaign.

It is important to make the right choice while selecting your email marketing service provider and here we are a group of professionals coming together to produce a stunning ROI for your business through our services.

Reasons to work with us
  • Transparent and real-time tracking of the campaign
  • You as a client get a complete access throughout the process
  • Customer support
  • Business strategy support
  • Experts with more than a decade experience
We ensure to manage the campaign from start to finish including expert consultingto a successful implementation of the campaign.
  • Strategizing and planning the entire campaign
  • Content writing for the emails
  • Designs required for the campaign in terms of images, gifs etc.
  • HTML coding
  • Emailer campaign management
  • Tracking, analysis, and report
  • Understanding your industry and nature of the business that includes your products, services, and your brand guidelines

Reliable email marketing service providers

Our process includes a step by step process towards achieving the goal of either a call to action, subscriber or even a purchase. These guidelines and process need to be followed for effectiveness and efficiency of the campaign. We believe it is the number one tool for all your business communication on one on one basis and regularly.

Email marketing campaigns are just not launched on impulse intentions they are strategic and calculated.

  • Educate your customers about your new offerings and your advancements
  • Expanding your network
  • New opportunities and clients
  • Its a highly cost-effective tool and ya you save a lot of trees..Go Digital!!
  • Increased brand awareness as it is more personalized
  • You connect with your target audience and stay in touch with them on a regular basis

We at Telco work on creating and designing e-mailers that represent your corporate identity and establish a brand image in the minds of your customers. We are one of the top email marketing service providers in Bangalore, India where we begin with thorough analysis and review of your current branding materials that will help us keep the brand guidelines intact.

We help our clients understand that email marketing is not just about composing an email, drafting it, adding the contacts and click the send button. There are several technical aspects that need to be taken care of which includes privacy issues, your bulk emails, technical issues and the database itself. And we make sure we address all the aspects and educate our clients about the subject and process.

Our approach

Once we design and implement the campaign it becomes necessary to get important insights for improving the next campaign. Once you choose us we become the bridge between your customers and your brand and take the responsibility to deliver our best.

With the personalization of email, we tailor your message to be warm and benevolent. The individual touch will help them associate with your organization on a personal level. We have served clients from different industries that include healthcare, food chains, real estate, and education

Our different ways of implementing the email marketing campaigns and following are the same:
  1. Newsletters: These are regular emails that are sent out to your customers who have subscribed to your brand.
  2. Transactional emails: These are basically triggered due to the customers action towards a brand which includes purchase, order, receipts and order confirmation.
  3. Direct emails: These are mostly promotional emails mainly intended to communicate a message where there is an opportunity for a prospective customer to make a purchase

Its important that the personalized messages enhance the relationship between the brand and the customer to encourage them to have a brand loyalty and make a repeat purchase with your brand.

Email has an ability many channels don't: creating valuable, personal touches at scale

Email marketing is an effective mechanism of marketing as it is personalized and a one on one touch base with your customers. It is direct communication mechanism where commercial messages are shared to a group of people via an electronic media. It is said according to surveys that brands these days perform or conduct an email marketing campaign every week, every month and quarterly basis.

Email marketing is a cost-effective mechanism or approach where interactions with new and existing clients are on continues basis to keep them engaged with the brand. The main aim to design an email marketing campaign is to generate visibility with no geographic limitations and create brand awareness. It includes important message and content which is valuable for your clients for decision making.

Over the years the importance of email marketing is increased to a great extent. The conversion through this medium is still on the higher end. It is a vital tool for your business today knowing the growing market and customer base is mostly on the internet medium. The best part about email marketing offers open, conversational and interactive communications.

It is known popularly as a great medium because of how easy it is, quick to get started and less expensive in nature, but when it clicks it can generate quite a bit of profit for your business. The whole idea behind email marketing is as a business owner you would like to have a list of clients, customers, prospects, and subscribers. These people are waiting to hear from you and then you market yourself exactly there and ensure to be on the top of their mind.

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