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An innovative approach designed for kids to improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The innovative workbook; Blossom has a unique combination of interesting story based exercises on web and mobile app to develop kid's Language and life skills


A tool to communicate to parents the benefits of creative driven learning, the concept was to ensure the children up skill their knowledge through interactive videos, texts, audio clips and images.


"The most fascinating thing we learned about little human communications.Is it words??. It was all about visuals..."

  • Effective script to narrate the story
  • Visuals play the role... storyboard on the go!!
  • Ahh!! We need an audio for this - a great voice over would help
  • Let's give life to the pictures... Animation with maximum frames per second


Keeping animation consistent throughout an experience wraps users in an illusion of life, based on reality. An immersive full HD TV Commercial with a clear target audience to communicate and deliver the strong brand user message was developed. Why is it that using an animation is so effective? Think about it.Viewers have to find something they relate to immediately. Colors, graphics, content, headlines, character etc. hence we ensured that every second in the video relates to a parent or a child and the video does the needful for the viewers.


"Thanks for the great work! Really appreciate it. The team is a great asset to Telco. I like the way they take the responsibility and go extra mile to understand the requirement in both video and script. I also like the quality of the deliverable"

Founder, Happy Mongo

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