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3D Modeling Services

3D Animation Services Bangalore

3D Modelling

We are India's top 10 3D animations and modeling company, a prestigious award presented to us by Silicon India Magazine. We offer a wide range of 3D modeling services in Bangalore, India and Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdomfor different industries.

We offer the latest 3D model imagery to persuade your clients to explore the product and have a high impact among your customers, prospects, and investors. With our unique methods in project execution, we deliver best quality projects. We have a well-defined team for every set of activities and process to develop the final output. We pay attention to every minute detail to make it highly realistic.

We possess latest tools and technologies to make sure the quality of the output is unmatchable in the market and it defines your organization in a flawless manner. We as an organization are highly updated and implement new technologies to produce efficient and flawless output. We have developed 3D models for characters, automobiles, modems, laptops, industrial products, and even manufacturing tools.

Reasons to work with us
  • Latest tools and technologies
  • Great history of deliverables
  • Versatile industry expertise
  • Customization
  • Delivering excellent and accurate services
  • On time delivery

Introducing a mesmerizing product, object or architecture with the best quality is our key objective. We build strong foundations via 3D modeling services where these models can be further processed to create something fantastic. Our technical abilities help drive a journey allowing your customers to view the best of your organization.

3D modeling gives your target audience the ability to understand your product and organization better.
  • Highly efficient and save time during presentations
  • They execute high accuracy and precision
  • Excellent communication tool for your end users
  • It helps in visualizing the scenario
  • Highly realistic

Our 3D modeling Services are customized to meet all your expectations

We have the best platforms and software for developing your requirement into a final product that is highly realistic. We provide end to end solution right from conceptualization, sketching and developing the 3D model. These models can be used for your presentation and also guide employees and engineers to understand the product better.

3D modeling gives your ideas a presentable visualization.

At Telco we build your idea to help you see the future in advance and increase productivity. All we need to understand from you is your business objective and goal for using this tool and post this understanding we provide you with the right consultation and make wonders. Our team is a group of experts who provide you with an excellent output where you can be confident to present your solutions to your viewers. Our creations do not end at buildings, we develop the smallest of models starting from a pencil to creating the biggest of models.

Our design and development drive great results for your organization aiding a great tool for your communication needs. Our expertise in the field of 3D is for more than a decade now. We use specific features of our 3D software, each one of these primitives can be worked on to produce an object. The content developed by us helps in scenario visualization to validate plans.

Our approach

We have generated 3D models for sectors ranging from engineering, manufacturing, digital animation for films and video games, software, real estate, IT, automobile and industrial equipment.

  1. Concept building and sketching the object, character, product or building
  2. 3D modeling development
  3. Texturing, lighting, coloring
  4. Rigging and rendering

These 3D models can be characters, architecture, building, product prototype, automobile, interiors, exteriors etc. once these models are processed they can be viewed as a separate material or further processed into animations, videos, and walkthroughs. It helps you put together all the different aspects and elements to provide a real view of the finished project or product.

Show the world your unique idea or solution; 3D modeling is your best option and solution.

3D modeling (or three-dimensional modeling) is the process of developing any three-dimensional surface of an object. 3D modeling has changed the way the designs are developed. It has also made it better and easier for designers to visualize and develop high-end 3D models to improve efficiency and accuracy. Precision is a key element in modeling your products and 3D platform serves it the best to represent your brand. It is a great support for designers as it helps them visualize what cannot be visualized on a 2D platform.

It gives the designer and the end user the ability to view the product, building, character etc. in a better manner with better perspectives. The best part about 3D modeling is it is one model put together unlike 2D where the developer has separate plan and elevation to view the space of an object. It helps in walking through the entire model using different softwares and platforms to have a better view of the object. These days architects, engineers, manufacturing and corporate organization highly depend on 3D modeling for presenting their prototype.

These models are usually created on CAD software that allows the organization or developers to rotate and examine the object from all the angles and perspectives. With 3D modeling, it helps you experiment with lights, textures, colors and design elements. 3D modeling provides a realistic perspective for the viewers of the object which is yet to originate in the market. These 3D models can also help for business, customer and investor presentation to help them understand the functionalities, features, and elements in the product.

3D modeling has several applications be it in manufacturing, software, automobile, construction or real-estate and technology. Every product that is available in your organization is unique and it needs to be presented in the most innovative manner providing you a competitive edge and a complete understanding about the product and its features to the viewers.

Transforming a pictorial representation to a 3D model helps viewers to easily understand a structure or the context. The best part is to keeps your customers happy when you show them a virtual depiction of your product. 3D modeling is achieved manually by using specialized softwares like auto CAD, 3DS Max, Sketchup, etc. They help you drive business even before you begin the development and execution of your project or product.



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