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Whiteboard Animation Services

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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation requires a high amount of creativity.We at Telco create effective videos designed specifically for your business, we also understand who your target audience is and we help you develop the most innovative video that captures their attention and get them interested in your business.

We are a team of experts who develop videos that are absolutely delightful; we have no limitation to our creativity, we employ maximum drawing frames to make the video present itself as a realistic one. We have been awarded the top 10 animation company in India for the year 2017-2018 by Silicon India magazine.

Whether you are creating marketing videos, learning materials or specific product or service video whiteboard animations are your best choice to get your customers hooked to your brand and video

  • They are highly engaging
  • They make you feel good and persuade customers to take an action
  • They are more fun, warm and charming
  • They are fresh and have a different style of communication

Our videos help our clients instantly showcase their brand identity and viewers are highly pleased to consume your content and build curiosity to ask more about your brand. We are a leading whiteboard animation company operating from Bangalore, Indiaand have served our clients both domestic and international.

We create process driven whiteboard animations for all your communication needs
  • Scripting
  • Storyboard
  • Character designing and animation/development
  • Drawing hand

Whiteboard Video Production Services

Our Whiteboard Video Production studio takes a bit of a unique approach to all the projects that we execute. We have always believed that quality relationships and a unique understanding of our client's companies are the only way to conduct business.

�Tricking people into paying attention long enough to care � that�s all you need�

The script is developed in a manner that it conveys the precise message to engage your audience in a flow
  • A brief opening statement or an intro line to begin the video
  • Definition of the problem statement to give insights to your customers
  • This follows a brief after the problem statement and how your organization will be able to address the problem.
  • This basically involves the closing statement of the video and includes a certain call to action options for your audience
  • Storyboard to pictorially representevery scene in the frame which helps you give an idea of the flow in the video
  • The entire script and storyboard needs to be given life for it to look realistic
  • The whole idea of whiteboard animation is sketching the story by a hand

We keep in mind you have a lot to talk about your brand, product or service offering and we make sure we design and develop a compelling video for you which becomes a powerful tool for your marketing, branding, advertising and communication needs.

Our approach

We guarantee to draw viewers� attention in a way where the words and pictures unfold all through the video making it mesmerizing. Whiteboard animation is especially helpful in clarifying entangled ideas in a clear way. However, it can truly be utilized by any sort of business to guarantee marvelous outcomes.Viewing the video helps the viewers to see how creative the content is portrayed.

�Are you confused on how to promote your brand? Go by a whiteboard animation video way�

Your business objectives to develop the video can be different in nature be it advertising, promotion, branding or business development, we make sure your objectives are aligned to the video that we develop. Moreover, we understand that your audience enjoys video content and how crucial it is for your organization to make a difference through the video.

We have served different industries starting from a chemical, manufacturing, IT, Software and healthcare.These videos are simple and showcase individuals drawing images on a whiteboard and a voice-over explaining the video frames with a soft music in the background. These videos are an extremely effective tool for anyone trying to deliver a message in a compelling manner. Whiteboard animation has an advantage of grabbing attention within a short period of time and your viewer's eyes are focused on the continuous changing images. They are the simplest, economical and most engaging way to present or introduce your products and services.

Whiteboard animation is highly engaging and effective means of communication for your marketing needs. For one thing, businesses these days are figuring out the best solutions for communications of their product or service to their audience so that they stand out from their competitors to make a difference. Whiteboard animation gives you a way to combine words and pictures in the most entertaining manner and you can get the best from your target market.

Whiteboard animation is meek animation effects and cartoon style where the amount of graphics are used and they involve an engaging character throughout the video. A lot of blogs mention whiteboard animation hooks your customers to the video until the end and persuades them to ask more questions and know more. These videos usually range from one to two minutes. They are a series of artwork that is framed in a flow one after the other.

Whiteboard animation can be considered as an all-rounder for the given number of applications. They are easy to follow and the style of animation is unique and ensures to build the curiosity and anticipation among the viewers throughout the video. Since the platform has a unique style of animation the communication of the content supporting offers direct explanations to the viewers. The best part about them is they are hand drawn and triggers and connects to your customer�s emotions very easily. It helps your organization give uplift to your sales force and marketing team during the presentation.

Whiteboard animation is an engaging activity where an innovative story and storyboard with pictures are drawn on a whiteboard and these are animated further to make it even more colorful and give complete moments on the screen. These videos can be used on different platforms like blogs, websites, YouTube;Vimeo etc. these videos can also help you in better ranking in the search engines.

Although these days whiteboard animation are getting popular, they are still relatively uncommon and this means that it the best mechanism to use to brand yourself, your products and services out there in the market.

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