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Top Use cases

DT- Virtualization

Plan & Design Blueprint to replicate low latency sites at MEC(MultiAccess Edge Computing)/CORD(Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) sites

Evaluate the project technology, DT Requirements, Architecture, and contributed to feature development.

Evaluate design/development/verified software systems matching carrier grade requirements

Virtualization of Access Network Technologies for low latency services (5G, IoT, OTT services)

DT-Openstack and NFV DevOPsRedhat Consultancy

Responsible for implementation and troubleshooting of RedhatOpenstack platform-13(Queen)

Supporting Juniper with the implementation of Conrail cloud as an umbrella cloud management system.

Plan and build a Cloud data center for Vendor IMS solution

HLD and LLD to build an Openstack cloud environment with Contrail Cloud as umbrella cloud manager

Troubleshooting and support related to RedhatOpenstack installation

End-to-end Enterprise solution based on SDN/NFV for DOCSIS, HFC, Metro Ethernet, xDSL networks

Managed agile teams during test execution, REST API based automation, and dev-ops pipeline worked on Disaster Recovery and High Availability Data Center

Liberty Global/Virgin Media

Responsible for validation, quality assurance, prepare test plans and test cases for Enterprise SD-WAN /SDN/NFV based Services.

Planned Automation and detailed test plans for SD-WAN-based functionalities and services. As lead Architect guided the execution of test cases and

End-to-end Enterprise solutions based on SDN/NFV for DOCSIS, HFC, Metro Ethernet, and xDSL networks

Managed agile teams during test execution, REST API-based automation, and dev-ops pipeline

Worked on Disaster Recovery and High Availability Data Center

Prime skills of consultants

Hands-on for Jenkins, SonarQube, Nexus, and the Atlassian tool suite.

Working on Open Source software tools, libraries, and development processes.

Experience in SDN/NFV technologies, including, ONOS, VOLTA, ODL, ONAP, OSM, KVM, NETCONF/YANG, OpenFlow, Open vSwitch, and related technologies

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Telco Communications Telco Communications

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We have built a great customer experience via our services by considering a client's day and staying ahead. We love our clients, and we like to think they love us too!


Telco Communications Telco Communications

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The indefinite continued progress since our existence and the dedicated man hours has given us great results. We work tirelessly towards our achieving our goal


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Our first meeting with our clients is a lot like a first date. We ensure to put our best foot forward and lay the foundation for a successful long-term working relationship


Telco Communications Telco Communications


Our team brings in the best experience and expertise to ensure unparalleled achievements of the company. Our team has the best thinking minds


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