How Can A Good Landing Page Design Help Run Google Ads Successfully?

All users today have a journey with your brand, which generally starts with a click. But you might be wondering how you get that extra click. It would be best if you found a way to make your users feel connected to the ad. That's where the quality of Google's score comes in. Google Ads mainly uses the quality score to estimate the usefulness of the keyword's ads on the landing pages for the user experience.

Campaigns featuring the best quality scores generally have a low cost per click and can also get a better position in the ad. Campaigns with a minimum quality of 4, on the other hand, can pay around a 400% premium for the least desirable ad placement.

The Google Ads' landing page is one of the essential elements for you to convince your customer to convert. After all, that is the only reason why you are running a Google ad in the first place. Additionally, you want your customers to buy the product, request a quotation, sign up for a free trial, or download any software. Whether your goals are more leads or sales, you need a high-quality landing page to optimize the conversion rate and an effective landing page that will minimize the conversion rate cost. An optimized landing page is relevant when it comes to Google ads.

The landing page must provide what your ad promises and what the user wants. Your ad text must be relevant to the keyboard, as the landing page should also be relevant to the Google ad. The landing pages with relevant added text can also get better quality scores, besides better ad rankings.

You need to consider the advanced expected click-through rate and landing page experience to enjoy all the benefits of the best quality score.

The Basics You Need to Know About the Landing Page Experience

To gauge how well their advertising are related to your landing page, Google uses a landing page experience. The platform uses a combination of automatic systems and human evaluation to measure your post-click landing page and calculate the experience. Your ad rank and ad position are likely to be impacted by the page experience you provide. If you send people to post-click landing pages that are slow to load or poorly designed, your adverts may display at a minimum. The amount of money you spend on Google AdWords is, in fact, irrelevant. If the landing page fails to live up to the expectations of your users, you won't get any positive outcomes.

Tips to improve the Google and landing page experience.

  • Consider the page speed
  • A page that loads slowly has a tremendous bounce rate, while a low average time on a page has a minimum conversion rate. According to experts, Google penalises pages that take more than three seconds to load and has a bounce rate of 32%, which is more than pages load in less than a second. So, you must ensure that the landing content loads quickly because the faster it does, the more quickly your prospect can view your offer and convert simultaneously. Every delay of a second in your mobile page load time will lead to a drop in conversions. You must rely on Google page speed insights to improve page speed by finding any technical issues influencing your page speed and user experience.

  • Ensure pages are mobile-optimized
  • Google focuses on a better mobile experience. Through the introduction of initiatives like mobile-first indexing, the platform has made steps to ensure that marketers view mobile optimization as a critical duty.

  • Google Ads landing page content
  • Whenever you write a headline and body copy, you should always have a clear objective at the back of your mind to communicate the value you wish to offer. You must understand what you will get in exchange for the money or the contact information. The landing page headline is one of the essential parts of the copy, and it is the only part that the majority of the visitors will even try to read, so ensure you make it count.

    Your landing page copy must highlight the benefits of your offer. So you need to answer the question of why your clients need what you can provide. Readers generally respond to ants on landing pages that play to their emotions. It would be best to choose some emotional phrases or words in your landing page copy.

    You need multiple high-quality product images if you sell a product on the landing page. You can still use a remarkable landing page image if you are offering any service so that you can convey the value proposition of the offering. Consider implementing bullet lists with visual elements or bold text to help readers understand different parts of the copy and what makes the copy easier to digest. Remember, you want your visitors to do the minimum amount of reading and convert the most.

    Above all, you must ensure that your page is fast and easy to use on all devices, including mobile. You will lose a lot of business if your landing page loads slowly or your visitor cannot complete the form on the device. Try a shorter or longer form to test the landing pages. It will help you make the most of the conversion rates. It would be best if you did not forget to set up the conversion tracking and ensure that you use it the best way possible so you know exactly where you are. You can make the most of the Google ads on a landing page by using the tips mentioned here!

  • Conclusion
  • Hence, the above-stated points are the most effective ways of building a great landing page, which can result in higher Google Ads conversions. However, here is the catch: all of this is possible with the presence of an expert who understands digital marketing and has relevant experience. One can visit Telcopl and get in touch with the experts who can help in building stunning landing pages.

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