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2D Animation Services Bangalore

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We have developed logo animation on different platforms from 2D, 3D, special effects, info graphic, fluid animation, flash, after effects and many more. Our services have been catered to everyone in the market be it a startup or a corporate. We understand your business message is highly important and we make sure we understand your pre-requisites and accordingly develop services for you on the best suitable platform.

We have been among the top 10 list of Animation Company in India for the year 2018. We can give your reason to work with us.

  • Creative thinkers and development team
  • Quick response team
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Delivered high quality and innovative services for our clients
  • One stop solution
  • We have seasoned professionals and development team with an experience of 10 years. We have diverse expertise for every process and stage to ensure the output is at its best and delivers the necessary message.

    We have served industries in the field of education, marketing, software, manufacturing, communication, government organization, startups, and hospitals.

    To guarantee the brand personality of the firm with the liveliness, our imaginative group gives the best yield by understanding the components and significance of the logo and make an astounding work which helps our customer impact and discuss their image character successfully and proficiently.

    Some of our logo animation styles
    • The pulse: music, glitters and glow that brings some energy
    • The storyteller: these talk about you and tell a story of your brand
    • The cartoonish: everyone loves cartoon it makes it fascinating for your viewers
    • The elegant: this is where we do it cool, calm, stylish and graceful
    • The drawing: the word says it all, we animate the logo in a pattern where it looks like it is been drawn
    • The expose: all waiting eagerly to know what this is about and that�s when you just uncover a powerful image with elements in motion
    • The transform: this is where you leave your audience in guessing mode and suddenly surprise your viewers

    2D. 3D Logo Animation Creation

    Your logo has several elements in it. The typography, image, color, context and static or dynamic elements, all the characteristics get a life when you animate it.

    • They are eye catchy
    • High retention time
    • Better connections among your customers and your brand
    • They are free of creativity
    • Increased engagement

    We design and craft your logo into motion picture describing your brand that engages viewers and creates a brand recall. Logo animation brings the energy in presenting about your offerings. Just imagine your opening material for a presentation, a strong design and message in a motion format that is highly engaging and eye catchy. Your customers will never disconnect with you during the entire presenting time.

    Many logos have turned out to be well known throughout the years, for example, the Twentieth Century Fox's landmark and searchlights, Paramount Pictures' mountain, Universal Studio's turning globe, Warner Bros'. Shield, Columbia Pictures' representation of Columbia, MGM's Leo the Lion, and Walt Disney Pictures' dream stronghold.

    Our approach

    How do you animate plain-text content? Well, this is where we come into the picture we make it simple we spell it out and give it a flourish.

    1. Ideation and conceptualization for the logo
    2. Stargazing to energize your audience.
    3. Storyboarding
    4. Animation and special effects
    5. You go live

    What makes a good logo? Well having all the elements and a pinch of motion into it makes a huge amount of difference. While even your overall design is strong it�s always about how it can be made more effective and attractive. Sometimes a few frames of motion can engage your clients and create that need for extra attention. Your viewers keep guessing on what is the message all about during the logo being presented to them and just when your audience think they know what they are seeing, you can surprise them back to attention with a new look.

    �There are three responses when it comes to logo animation � yes, no, and WOW! And WOW is what needs to be achieved�

    Your logo is what describes your organization and your offerings. Logo designing is the first and basic step but imagine taking it one step forward to make a difference through animating your logo, your customers would love it and remember it forever. Perhaps the whole motto of having a logo animation is giving the business mark that differentiates you from your competitors to help you stay ahead of the curve.

    The best part about logo animations is the characteristics and elements in your logo and this helps you connect to your audience emotionally. Your logo might remind your customers of any favorite characters in the past. This even helps better for them to connect to you and follow your content. It literally gives life to your brand and ideas and makes sure you get more visitors.

    Your logo animation holds your customer attention for a longer time and better retention in the minds of the customer. You must be wondering why you should consider animating your logo, well the answer to it is the research data clearly says that your customers are highly prone to viewing animated content than a static or textual content. Enhancing and upgrading your branding strategy is very important to ensure your customers hook to your brand.

    It�s tough these days to stay ahead in the competition but making a small difference in your communication materials makes a great amount of difference. An attractive logo and an additional idea of animating it is great though! Your logo is also your promotional material in-fact it is the primary mechanism to help your customers recall about you. Most of your messages are communicated through your logo, your logo is the summary of your business operations.

    �Logo animation is not just about identifying your brand, it also helps you sell�

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