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PPC with ROI is a deadly combo

Working with our team is fun; you will have a competitive edge where you will get access to a Google Premier Partner. We as a team know what Google's advertising practices and standards like our fingertips. Our knowledgeable PPC experts will help you with your Ad Words campaign requirement.

We specialize in using the best practices like Google AdWords and Bing Ads to draw leads and traffic to your website by designing a cohesive campaign across various channels available to get the best results from each of your PPC campaigns. We increase your online presence through PPC services at your preferred budget per day and per month.

Reasons to work your PPC requirement with us
  • Transparent reporting and real-time tracking of the workflow
  • Complete support by an integrated solution
  • Our achievements are enormous with proven results
  • A team of Google experts with more than a decade experience

We are a leading PPC service provider in Bangalore, India. Our motto is to ensure you get the right lead with measurable results and return on your investments.

Pay per click is nothing but delivering your message and content to a targeted and potential customers at the exact moment they are searching the solution you offer. Pay per click just does not stop at selecting a few keywords and creating ads and appearing in front of your customers, it involves in-depth analysis, testing, adaption, refinement, and scaling.

We understand you have a PPC requirement, help us serve you!!
  • Bid monitoring and management
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Paid strategy and planning creation
  • Setting up campaign and implementation of the strategy
  • We provide consultancy on PPC services
  • Knowing what your competitors are doing is important and hence we provide you the analysis
  • Your customers have to land on a web page for more information, therefore, creating a landing page

Pay-Per-Click services for leads, branding and web traffic

We have been versatile in our service offering for PPC services where we have served clients from different industries like fertility, IVF, tourism, education, real estate, Information Technology, and Manufacturing.

To sum up, PPC sees immediate results in terms of website traffic, it can be easily modified and tweaked based on the recent changes, can be re-used for several campaigns in the future and the best of all it is easy to manage and handle

Its not about gettingweb traffic its about getting the targeted and relevant traffic for conversion.

Instant traffic that is crafted for conversions with power and performance-based via pay per click. Competing online is more challenging than ever these days. Targeting the right audience online is the second challenge brands face. It is clear that targeted traffic is the customers who are attracted to your brand and are in the buying cycle.

Since you pay only when people visit your site, the ROI is extremely high over when you choose any other marketing channels and mediums. As a top PPC company Bangalore, Telco has the expertise and the rich experience to design the perfect strategy and plan to make sure your customers are attracted to your ideal product or service offering

Our approach

We work with a passion that is shown in our results. We help our customers use the financial plan successfully by counseling brands to offer for the correct advertisement position in a web search tools when someone browses on a keyword that is related to your business offering. Pay per click promoting can create activity immediately. It's direct: Spend enough, get the best placement, and your potential customers will see your business first.

Having the potential customers to notice your brand and add you in the bucket option for decision making seems quite hard. But now its made possible with a magic bullet. In PPC your ads are portrayed in different ways and the following would be the choice you would make:

  1. Text ads: These are snippets of your business message that appear in Google search just above the organic results highlighted in green
  2. Display ads: These are visuals ads that can be in the form of image, videos and also text. They appear across Google display network
  3. Remarketing ads: These appear only after you have visited a particular website and they follow you all across the web
  4. Shopping ads: They again appear above the organic results in the search engines that include product, price and brand name

We create a completely new platform where we build and manage the campaign that yields you the best result. Your business offerings are unique and a detailed study and plan will help sail through the entire process.

The key to the lock is doing it out of the box and make sure you get the right amount of traffic and profits to your business. This means our experts work with you throughout the project to understand your industry standards and how your customer behavioral and demographic factor is; this is all targeted towards ensuring the goal to be achieved.

Just think about this, reaching out to your target audience exactly when they are looking out for you? Imagine you being few clicks away from them and enticing them with your message that is customized just for them. Yes, all this possible where you will be able to delight all your customers and target audience through pay per click.

How can PPC help you?

PPC is now driving businesses through all the stages in sales starting from information to making a purchase.

  • Controlled budget: The budgets you set for per month can be chosen on daily basis and ads can be promoted accordingly
  • Strategic placement: The way you display your products and services depends on you as you have different choices
  • First to be seen: Your product and service appear first in the results in the first link
  • Meet your target audience directly

Don't wait for your luck to click, go pay per click and see how your business clicks.



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